"and when James, Cephas, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that had been given to me, they gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship, that we should go to the Gentiles and them to the circumcised."Galatians 2:9 Recently, I have discovered that many believers make use of some words …


Hello tribe. It's awesome being here again. How are you doing? Yesterday, 19th of April, I shared my thoughts on friendship and your network on my WhatsApp status. I’d give a snippet from a chapter in my unpublished book on the subject. I believe it will be explicit enough. A human being is a social …


Click her for the previous episode Different thoughts started flowing in my mind. I couldn’t suspect everyone but I suspected everyone. My room became untidy. It was a weekend, everyone was around. My favourite TV show was shown, mum came to call me. "Temmy, what are you doing inside? Won’t you watch your show?” “I …


Fave for the moment💙 It's a Glorious Sunday, lovelies!💃 Did you go to Church today? How was church?( Expecting your reply on the comment section) Church was great today!✨ I enjoyed God😋 So let me give you some gists. I will be brief. 26th July, 2020 2 Timothy 4:16-18 (Living Bible) 16 The first time I …


Hello friends!😇

It’s another episode of the reality reflection! Yayyy!💃

May your eyes of understanding be opened in Jesus name.🙏

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The big truth is that a believer’s communion with God cannot be overemphasized.

It is a sweet fellowship that needs to be known with a believer.

The truth is that our God is magnificent and dynamic- so many wondrous ways He’s got in making wonders. Have you read this?

His ways are known by His own. God making His way known to Moses and the Israelites was not as a result of one kind of luck. It was birthed from communion.

Prayer. Communion. Heart-to-Heart talk.

Call it anything… It is meant to be between the creator and the creation- God and man.

God wants to hear His own talk to Him freely. Express their mind. Show their feelings and just show how obsessed they are with Him. He doesn’t want any shy child. No! (Read that again)

Prayer is one important thing for a Christian. Talking to God like a friend… In happy moments, in sad times and always prayer should be our act.

One interesting thing about prayer is that it is the best mode of communication ever. You talk to God and God talks back and the cycle continues. He’s never tired of talking to you. Isn’t that interesting?😀

A song writer wrote, ‘He never sleeps, he never slumbers. He’s never tired of hearing our prayer.’

He’s never tired. Even when you speak to Him for a whole day, he’s never tired. He holds eternity in His hands, He can’t be tired. Glory!💃

When I know that my God, my Father, my Creator is never tired of listening to words, why shouldn’t I talk to Him?

I know you have that friend or you are that friend that talks(maybe to a special friend) You spend hours on phone with him/her or involve other means of communication just to share all what you want the person to know. Have you noticed that they get bored at a particular time? Once I notice that I don’t go further in the conversation.

Now imagine God giving you access to talk to Him any time. It’s such a great privilege and honour.

God is interested in you seeking Him. It is when you seek Him more that you know Him more. You seek Him in Prayer and in the Word


It is unambiguous that God is the word. Let’s now see how prayer and God have a common union with the word. God is the word. The word is life. Just like the words of a man are called with him so is God’s word.

Seeking God through His word… It is when you know the word of God that you know who He really is. So as sweet as prayer is, it can only look great with God’s word.

…He honours His word…

Speaking God’s word into every situation brings a great result because God’s word is highly honoured by all creatures. When you speak His words, life comes!


The more we behold Him, the more we become like Him. Deep calls to the deep. God wants our relationship with Him to be greater each day. He wants us to go up, higher than the previous communion. He wants more of us. We get to know Him and He reveals Himself to us when we seek Him more.

Let’s go seek Him MORE!

We know what burdens His heart when we go more to seek Him MORE.

Let’s go seek Abba more!

You’re blessed.

Share your thoughts…

Thank you!


Shall we go straight to the questionnaire boy, Isaac or check the incidents that surrounded him, before then after? Abraham's life was a show that consistent walk with God brings great results. Consistent? Yes, consistent! Let me give you some ride as we check his walk of uncompromising faith with God. The real truth is …


As I entered, I noticed something strange. Claudia was doing something I couldn't lay hands on. It was strange. She wanted to change the whole thing but she couldn't. "Claudia what's happening? Is there something you don't want to tell me? You look strange. Talk to me." As I was done talking Claudia left the …


I have a friend, her name is Claudia. We share most of our things together as we are also seen together by people. We are medical students and we are excellent, I'm not trying to be proud here. As great as we excel in our academics, our spiritual growth is still something we are always …

Dear Friend, I find it urgent to write to you because of the impending danger. You call yourself an influencer? That sounds good and I'm happy you've been able to change and orientate many on the needful. You've made use of different social media platforms to be an agent of change and you've been receiving …

TO 2020

2020 This year is a wonderful one filled with pleasant surprises. Dreams are coming true this year. In this beginning of a new decade mighty things that have not being recorded will be seen. This new year and new decade is the one that no man has ever been with. It is a new friend …


[Verse] Father to Child From Your Spirit to spirit I am Lighted by Your word And With Your breath of life That’s how I come alive That’s how I change my world [Chorus] Just breathe Your Name Upon me, Breathe Just breathe Your Name Upon me, Breathe YOD-HAY-WAW-HAY (YHWH) Is Your Name, Breathe Lord Just …


Athletes won't take anything because they have something ahead of them. Soldiers won't sleep the way normal people are sleeping because they need to protect the nation. People in different fields won't do what will make them irrelevant because it's against their pursuit. They brace themselves for the best. Now to this👇 Do you know …